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Lesbians are the cutest people.

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Face spam

I do not & will never understand the underlying need people possess to bring others down. It’s an epidemic amongst all of us. The greatest extra curricular activity is talking about other people in a degrading, rotten and sickening manner. Backstabbing, lying, manipulation, antagonization, bullying. Cruel, immature, ignorant and unnecessary comments arrowing towards the way people choose to live their life. And these comments come from your own god damn friends? Even family. People you’ve never met before. How is it that when someone you don’t even recognize has a bigger opinion of you than your mother does? It is sick.
Oh she’s a fucking slut. Oh, he’s the one who did this, three years ago on a Tuesday afternoon, it was raining we were in health class. Oh I hate her. Why? Because of what she did to this other person I like better. I lost respect for her yet I’ve never talked to her before. Oh she’s a cunt. That’s funny let’s tweet it.
What the hell are any of us even worrying about? People value grudges and fights and bad memories when you should be praising people for who they really are and the accomplishments they’ve made rather than the mistakes or accidents they had or did. You people complain and complain and worry about everyone else because you’re too fucking blind to see the beauty in your own goddamn lives. You think it’s easy to be someone else? Everyone in the world right now is sad about something so do them all a favor and be one less pain in the ass they have to fucking worry about because you’re too bored with your own pathetic life so you form a ruthless opinion about them. We are all pathetic. We are all broken. We are all perfect and we are all whole. The petty bullshit seems insignificant to you but it’s not. People push each other to the very edge of the cliff in depression and what? you think it’s just a fad? An excuse? You think people wear depression like their favorite lipgloss? It’s not a goddamn infinity scarf they wear for design! It’s a fucking disease! It’s a disease caused by many factors ranging from genetically inherited alleles or sociological behaviors. Suicidal thoughts are real. And as ridiculous as they are when people have so much to be happy about, they matter because assholes don’t know when enough is enough.
— how undeniably ignorant yet important is it for you to bash a girl for putting her boyfriend as MCM every Monday? How significant is it to you to tweet about someone calling them a degrading trash name? How badly do you need to put someone down for being skinny or fat? Must be pretty fucking important and must be pretty fucking significant and you must have to do it pretty fucking bad because that’s all I ever read anymore.
If a girl wants to put her boyfriend as MCM every damn Monday, then shut the fuck up about it & let her put him there every damn Monday. Are you apart of their relationship? No. Does your opinion matter? No. However, it does hurt her feelings when you portray your ignorant opinion bc she thinks you’re following her account bc you enjoy seeing her posts about her life and if her boyfriend is apart of her life then he’s gonna be the damn MCM every. Damn. Monday. If a girl is excited to be skinny and you’re overweight then keep your thoughts to yourself and praise her for being blessed. Don’t be fucking ignorant. I don’t follow you people to see what you have to say someone else. I follow you because I want to know you lost the weight you wanted to lose. I want to know you almost lost all of it so I can tell you to keep going. I follow you because I want to know you’re doing herbalife, t25 workout, you just started softball? I wanna hear about it. You won a contest? I want to hear about it. I follow you to see how your dad is doing because my mom and him used to go to high school together and my family cares about his recovery. I follow you because I want to see the promise ring your boyfriend got you even if you’ve only been dating for nine or ten months. I follow you because I want to see you come back from a mistake you made. I follow you because you have good taste in clothes. I follow you because two years ago, on a Monday morning you told me I was the nicest girl you knew. I don’t want to hear or see about you putting someone else down. That’s all anyone ever does anymore whether it’s MCM or losing weight and it goes for just about everything a girl does that someone has to take the time out of their day to bitch about when it literally has NOTHING to do with them. Once a cheater, always a cheater? Look at me mother fuckers. I cheated. I’m still alive and kickin’ though and although my past came a cunt hair away from breaking me, I pulled through and I got better for me and pushing past some commitment issues in the beginning, I now have given my current boyfriend every last piece of my beating heart with absolutely no restrictions. And quite frankly, I don’t give a shit what you think you NEED to say about it. I don’t care if you agree with me, disagree with me, enjoy seeing my relationship, or not enjoy seeing me happy with a smiling face. There is nothing anyone can ever say to me that I will allow bring me down like I allowed it before. After years of being pushed down so far into an abyss of lying best friends, a dead end relationship, parents whispering to their kids don’t be like her? How the fuck old are you?
If you have enough time to go out of your way to make a comment to deliberately hurt someone else, then you have enough time to clean up the blood and gut off the floor when a person who was suffering from bullying lost their battle and commits suicide. Because I promise you will be the first person I call when it happens. Stop being fucking ignorant.

And to the bastard that reads this and thinks it will be funny to say “oh look another bullying/self righteous status”

I have absolutely nothing to say to you.

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I am a fucking psycho. And that’s just gonna have to be okay.

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